Teva Habsor – Organic Vegetables, Fruit and Products Delivered Directly to your Home

Teva Habsor is an organic farm located in Moshav Ein Habsor in the Western Negev and owned by the local Uziyahu family.
We grow organic produce and deliver them directly to our customers' home. In addition to the vegetables grown here, we market fresh fruit and a variety of organic products. All of our produce and products are certified as organic and adhere to international organic standards.
About Us
Teva Habsor was founded by Amnon Uziyahu, one of the pioneers of organic agriculture in Israel. Amnon started growing organically 30 years ago, motivated by the belief that people's welfare and health were mutually linked to the wellbeing of the environment.

The organic farm spans 200 dunams (about 50 acres) of open fields, shade houses and hothouse, in which seasonal, organic vegetables, herbs and spices are grown.

Teva Habsor adheres to the strict requirements of the International Foundation for Organic Agriculture (IFOAM).
Our Products
In addition to a wide seasonal selection of vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices, we offer a range of organic products through our online store. Here you can find, among other things, organic breads, eggs, cereals and legumes, dry fruit, spreads, beverages, herbal teas and even hygiene products. All the suppliers we work with are certified as organic.
The Direct Sale System
The direct marketing of organic produce aims to provide our customers with the freshest organic fruit and vegetables, with speed and ease, and to reduce prices in order to keep them fair and accessible for individuals and families. We believe that everybody should be able to afford organic produce, for the sake of their health and for the wellbeing of the planet.

For full details on how to place an order, our prices and more, please contact us:

Telephone: 054-5566356
Fax: 057-7-977-269

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